Idea Engineering

Idea Engineering involves getting back to the core idea behind everything the organization does, that one powerful concept that creates opportunity or solves problems for the people it serves.

It is the idea that makes you different. It is what you do best. It is the story of an organization that is excellent at what it does, the essential service or product it provides and the trust it engenders.

We believe that the big idea is the primary tool for building trust and support with staff, communities, governments and the other groups that are needed for the organization to succeed. It is the step that turns dry leadership and management documents into marketing and communications actions.

Many organizations allow their big idea to become obscured by features, tech specs, sales targets, experts’ language and day-to-day operations. When it’s lost, so are the focus, energy and enthusiasm that got the company or organization moving in the first place.

With Idea Engineering you can capture or re-capture the attention, imagination and support of those who are critical to your success. It has three general steps that we customize for each client.

1 Finding Your Big Idea

We work with you to find or rediscover your big idea and express it in a way that is clear, authentic and compelling.

2 Idea Impact Testing

We bring your key people together for an intensive workshop to refine and test the big idea in the most difficult of communications environments – the face-to-face presentation.

3 Infusion

We help you put momentum into your big idea by infusing it throughout your enterprise and in the minds of those whose support you need (including staff, customers, partners funders, and investors).

Why Idea Engineering for Your Organization?

IE Outcomes