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“I really liked the practical, down-to-earth, natural approach. The video clips of reporters’ opinions were very useful. The video and audio practice was the best part.”

Media Relations, November 2020

“I am very excited about what this course will enable me to do.”

Strategic Communications, July 2019

“Excellent communicator, very engaging group. I learned a lot about communication, basic language delivery, sticking to the point!”

Plain Language Workshop, June 2019

“Overall, I thought that this training was super beneficial for me. I wish that I had taken it 20 years ago! The messaging module was the most helpful for me. The practice was also very useful. Also, the idea that trust, not information, drives public support will definitely change the way that I work in general, and with the media in particular.”

Media Relations, June 2019

“I was intimidated to take this course because I was afraid of being interviewed by the media. I feel much more confident to navigate a media interview after having taken this training. Thank you for a wonderful course.”

Media Relations, June 2019

” I will use these concepts in everyday communication and this course can benefit many people.”

Public Speaking and Presenting, February 2019

“One of the best training I took that will benefit all aspects of my work. I really benefited from the practical exercises and receiving feedback. Amazing and I learned a lot. Best use of my training this year.”

Media Relations, November 2018
The instructors and material helped participants to understand the importance of plain language. An overwhelming task was broken down into manageable parts.
Plain Language, February 2019

“This was a course that really taught me about how to speak in public and also how to do presentations. It was very interesting and also stressful at times when I was speaking. Made me learn about myself. Thank you!”

Public Speaking and Presenting, November 2018

“I enjoyed that the instructor took the time to personalize the training for each participant.”

Issue management and crisis communication, May 2017

“A great teacher and very knowledgeable. I was able to learn from my mistakes and build on my strengths. I highly recommend it to others. 10/10”

Public Speaking and Presenting, December 2016