Download the information package (PDF) with course details. Contact for more information on scheduling and courses.

Be Your Authentic Best

In front of a camera or under the spotlight

RMA’s Media Spokesperson Training course gives you the tools you need to get your message across, clearly and credibly. We teach the opposite of spin to help you communicate what is best and true about you and your organization. We take you inside how journalists work and show you how to work with them — not as adversaries, but as partners in a business transaction.

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We deliver the RMA Media Spokesperson Training course an average of five times a month in all parts of Canada and in the United States. It is an intensive half- or full-day course focusing on practical advice and one-on-one exercises built around the actual issues your organization faces every day. It will change the way you communicate in the media and in front of every audience you need to reach.

Here’s what past participants have to say about RMA Media Spokesperson Training:

John McKay conducting a training course.“I now have a ‘toolkit’ to increase my confidence.”

“This was a great course. I was dreading it!  [The trainer] was a fantastic, personable instructor who really helped drive the ‘message’ home. I have definitely improved my interview skills!”

Hi, the interview went well. The reporter commented that I was the most understandable scientist that she has done an interview with. Thanks for the preparation. I found it helped and made me less nervous.

“I was able to learn from my mistakes and build on my strengths.
I highly recommend it to others. 10/10”

In written evaluations, 99% of the people who take our courses say they would recommend them to a colleague.

Half-day (with online pre-course work) and full-day sessions are available in English and French in all parts of Canada.

Download the information package (PDF) with course details. Contact John McKay for more information on scheduling and courses.