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There are times when inside communicators can use an outside perspective

(Read our article, Unforced Errors: How Organizations Take On Costly and Unnecessary Communications Risks.)

RMA’s Risk Planning services include the following that can be adjusted according to client needs:

Core Services

  • Outside-in analysis to identify top potential issues
  • Development of key ideas/messages
  • Preparation of core products such as backgrounders and response lines

Value-added Options

  • RMA’s popular spokesperson training and coaching programs
  • Needs assessments to identify internal barriers faced by communicators and others
  • Crisis communications table-top simulations
  • “Building a Culture of Communication” workshops for communicators, leaders and experts


Communicators can face many internal impediments to doing what they know they can and should do. For example, given limited resources, getting today’s actual issues dealt with is difficult enough. Planning for potential issues can take a back seat.

Then there are barriers instinctively raised by the organization’s leaders, technical experts or others. Some may think that reactive, carefully written, detailed and thoroughly approved communication offers the most control over the organization’s message. They may be insistent on using complex or technical language in public communication. Or communication may be seen as a low-priority add-on to the “real work” of the organization and not as a key determinant of success.

Whether they are these or other barriers, they make the work of the in-house communications people difficult and potentially less effective, which in turn can reinforce those same barriers.

(Read our article, Unforced Errors: How Organizations Take On Costly and Unnecessary Communications Risks.)

We at RMA have considerable experience helping organizations to break that cycle. We bring an outside perspective that can help build a common understanding among communicators, leaders and experts, helping them to prepare for issues and build a stronger culture of communication.

Pricing: We can customize service packages to suit every set of needs and every budget. These begin at $5,000 for an outside-in analysis process (internal survey/consultation; environmental analysis; report) and, for your top three issues, key ideas/messages and the preparation of core products. Additional issues and the value-added options are priced according to the scope of the requirement. We provide written estimates upon request.

James Bullbrook of RMA


For more information and to obtain an estimate, contact:
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