It used to be that membership in a professional association was a given if you were in the legal, real estate, energy, health, construction, law enforcement, firefighting or any other profession. Often these professional associations were the main, if not the only, suppliers of networking, professional development and advocacy services.

Various objects representing professional associationsTimes changed and professionals now have much more choice. Associations responded and have become more competitive and more focused on being relevant, even crucial, to the ongoing success of their members.

Demonstrating the value in membership and having your association’s voice heard clearly by decision makers, stakeholders, the media, and the public requires strong, authentic communication.

Three professionals working at a computerThe support professional associations receive from others is mostly driven by the degree to which they are seen as credible and trustworthy.

By clearly and authentically telling your story and demonstrating your relevance and value, you build trust and further enhance your reputation as the go-to organization in your field

We can help you tell your story and make your case to those you need if you are to succeed.

  • Idea Engineering
    We help you to find and express the main idea behind everything you do, that key idea that helps solve problems or create opportunities. We work with you to define your messages and your story. We bring clarity and focus to your communications. Find out more on our main website.
  • Strategy
    Successful associations know that an output, such as a poster or website, is not the same as an outcome, such as more members. They plan carefully to reach clear and measurable We help you to make sure your communications investments produce real results. Find out more on our main website.
  • Risk Planning
    Successful issue and crisis management takes preparation and action before the issue develops. Identifying potential issues and planning to deal with them is less resource intensive and more successful than trying to “make it up on the fly” once the issue breaks. We help you to be ready with the plans, processes and products you need to respond quickly and effectively. Find out more.
  • Communications Training
    It takes skill and effort to communicate, to demonstrate value and tell a compelling story. RMA’s communications training courses are known across Canada as the premier source for media training, public speaking and presenting, and other courses that help you communicate clearly and authentically. Find out more on our main website.
  • Writing and Production
    We can also help you to implement your strategies by developing the core communications products that will help you to share your new clarity and focus with your key audiences. From keynote speeches, presentation modules, online content, fact sheets, advertisements, media materials or any other tool you need to communicate, RMA can deliver what you need. Find out more on our main website.

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