Are you a cut above?

You need content for your digital marketing and social media engagement. But you don’t want just any content. You are not after click bait, empty statements, corporate bumph and marketing hype. You want thoughtful, meaningful and understandable content – quality content that will engage with those audiences you need to succeed. But you don’t have all of the internal resources needed to plan, research and create your high-end digital content.

Fountain pen set on a tabletOur “Distinction Content Marketing” service is a way for cut-above organizations to engage with people. The focus is on communicating about ideas rather than direct sales pitches. It is about providing content that is interesting, meaningful and honest. The ideas are intriguing, the presentation is professional and people connect with you in a way that develops trust, loyalty and support.

RMA is a group of executive level communicators operating from our locations in Ottawa, Toronto and London, Ontario. We have researched, written and produced digital content for senior leaders in all sectors, from Cabinet Ministers and CEOs, to industry experts and senior non-profit directors.

Services include:

  • Content marketing plans that build the trust and support you need to succeed
  • Research using credible sources such as peer-reviewed journals, official sources, trusted and reputable organizations
  • Writing and editing of engaging and thoughtful articles, posts, speeches and any other written communication
  • Reporter services – audio and video interviews and professional reporting for websites, social media and podcasts
  • Graphic design, video and animation to bring the thoughtful content alive

“There are many “mouse clickers” and good (and bad) copywriters out there. But some organizations need more than those basic services. They need thinkers and communicators who provide distinctive, high quality content that reflects their brand and status. They need services that specifically address the gaps they have in keeping their digital communications vibrant and trustworthy.” (The Clear Communicator)

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