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Are you a cut above?

Digital and social media is a landscape littered with an incredible amount of garbage. It is a world where thoughtful content, insightful ideas and honest communication struggle to find a home.

It is a difficult world for the quality-focused business or organization to navigate. Without really intending to, some fall into many of the habits that their lesser counterparts employ, such as:

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  • Click bait: salacious content with the sole purpose of getting someone to click the link and arrive at a specific landing page
  • Direct, maybe even deceptive, sales pitches on social media: “10% off today only” or “come buy our new and improved widget”
  • Inane, self-serving content – any content – just to keep the social media channel fresh and make them look good (corporate bumph is a popular choice such as “we just won an award” or “great dinner with the Minister of Finance last night”)
  • The storm: keep the posts flying with any of the above

Is this who we are?

A question that many credible and responsible organizations have asked themselves is, “Are any of these approaches consistent with who we truly are?” Many have discovered that the answer is no.

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For organizations that have become “a cut above,” these approaches are not helpful. They also do not increase the support from the groups your organization needs to succeed. These groups can include customers, funders, partners, regulators, and stakeholders, among others.

What we call Distinction Content Marketing is a way for these cut-above organizations to engage with people. The focus is on communicating about ideas rather than direct sales pitches. It is about providing content that is interesting, meaningful and honest. The ideas are intriguing, the presentation is professional and people connect with you in a way that develops trust, loyalty and support.

For example:

  • A foundation running a fundraising gala for a dinosaur museum may wish to focus on the idea that the museum inspires the next generation of scientists.
  • A company that sells sophisticated technical systems may want to discuss the idea that systems must solve problems or create opportunities to be worth the expense.
  • A scientific organization may wish to engage with people around the idea that critical, evidence-based thinking is an essential life skill.
  • A non-profit with a good reputation for financial management may wish to talk about the importance of knowing how charities manage their funds before asking for donations.

The third choice

Photo by rawpixel on UnsplashOrganizations that wish to rise above the clutter and noise, to set themselves apart through high quality, thoughtful and relevant content, have two choices: develop the content creation ability in-house, or outsource it. This often means contracting with a digital marketing firm that is great with technology but maybe not so great when it comes to the content itself.

There is a third choice. Bring in someone who can help you identify what you can do the most effectively internally and then provide the focused and customized services you need.

For example, your staff may be a great source for content ideas and for identifying the experts who would be good sources of information. The external contractor may be the most efficient and cost-effective way to contact the experts, interview them and prepare the multimedia content in a way that is understandable and interesting to your audiences. Or it may be that everything is best done in-house except for an overall content marketing plan to guide those efforts.

Clickers and copywriters

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The main idea here is that there are many “mouse clickers” and good (and bad) copywriters out there. But some organizations need more than those basic services. They need thinkers and communicators who provide distinctive, high quality content that reflects their brand and status. They need services that specifically address the gaps they have in keeping their digital communications vibrant and trustworthy.

Are you a cut above your contemporaries? Maybe Distinction Content Marketing is what you need.

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