Distinction Content Marketing

Are you a cut above?

Digital and social media is a landscape littered with an incredible amount of garbage. It is a world where thoughtful content, insightful ideas and honest communication struggle to find a home.

It is a difficult world for the quality-focused business or organization to navigate. Without really intending to, some fall into many of the habits that their lesser counterparts employ, such as:

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

  • Click bait: salacious content with the sole purpose of getting someone to click the link and arrive at a specific landing page
  • Direct, maybe even deceptive, sales pitches on social media: “10% off today only” or “come buy our new and improved widget”
  • Inane, self-serving content – any content – just to keep the social media channel fresh and make them look good (corporate bumph is a popular choice such as “we just won an award” or “great dinner with the Minister of Finance last night”)
  • The storm: keep the posts flying with any of the above

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