We regret that there will be no Beacon Hill Family Fun League in 2019. The simple truth is that we (John and Matt and our families) each had other commitments that prevented us from giving the events the attention they deserve. We hope to pull things together a little earlier next year. If you’re interested in volunteering, we’re going to keep a list so we can reach out in spring/summer 2020. Email: johnnelsonmckay@gmail.com. See you next year!



11:00 (or earlier): SETUP

  • BBQ / Concession stand set-up
  • Set-up registration desk
  • Set up stations for fun groups
  • A/V – DJ set up
  • Field set-up


  • Arrivals, registration, BBQ, DJ music, etc.
  • Warm-up, practice, instruction

12:45-13:00: GETTING STARTED

  • Welcome and overview
  • Announcement of special guests

13:00-15:30: FUN GAME

  • All ages, abilities and genders fun game
  • BBQ continues

15:30-16:00: WRAPPING UP 

  • Wrap up, draws for great prizes donated by our sponsors

Eastvale Park

The field is level with the street and the walkway connecting the road to the field is paved. There is a playground for the wee ones beside the diamond.

Photos of Eastvale Park

Photos of Eastvale Park