A personal note

27 February 2019

It is with great sadness that I let you know that my friend and business partner for two decades, David Rutherford, has died. David successfully beat cancer before and, like many others, I fully expected him to do so again. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

David and I worked together for a few years back in the nineties before we each, and separately, decided to leave the federal public service. It didn’t take long for us to start working together again and, soon after, forming our own company. What an adventure that turned out to be.

We travelled together across Canada and the United States. We stood on all three coasts, walked the halls of Parliament, stood on the roof of the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC and entered Cheyenne Mountain to see NORAD Command. We took an ill-fated and ultimately hilarious visit to a restaurant in Yellowknife. We made a frozen and late-night journey to the Canadian Forces Base in Shilo, Manitoba. Unnervingly, in Quebec, we watched through the window of the plane as our pilot fixed an engine with a screwdriver before take-off. We drove across the prairies to work with research scientists working on fascinating environmental and technological innovations. We visited every major city, province and territory except the Yukon. We had so much fun.

As we at RMA continue with our work, we will continue to honour and mirror David’s integrity and fair-mindedness. So many of his principles still guide our company. Principles such as ensuring that everyone who works with us feels they are being treated fairly. The idea that we remain honest and above-board. The seemingly outdated notion of not telling lies or taking advantage of others.

I once watched with amusement as David admonished an airport worker for being rude by proclaiming “we live in a civil society!” I feel our society is a little less civil now that he is gone. I will miss him.

John McKay, Managing Partner
Rutherford McKay Associates