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Diagnostic 3: Tools Available

April 6, 2020

1. I have on-hand some key media messages relating to my main issue(s) or subject matter area.

2. Relating to my issue(s) or subject matter area I have on-hand a one or two page backgrounder document in a print or electronic format.

3. My backgrounder document(s) succinctly cover my subject matter material in language that a non-expert can understand.

4. I, or a colleague, ensures that my organization’s web-based information relating to my issue(s) or subject matter area is easy to find and updated regularly.

5. I have access to a Media Relations specialist and have on-hand his or her contact information.

6. A Media Relations specialist has provided a debrief and critique after I have participated in a practice session or given an actual media interview.

7. My organization has a formal process for reporting on the encounters our spokespeople have with the news media, often called media contact reports.

8. I know of at least 3 reasons why it is important to report internally on encounters I have with the media.

9. I have completed a media contact report/form or similar formal reporting process after doing a media interview.

10. I receive a daily media summary or analysis or I receive automatic notifications of news stories related to my organization/issues or I login to a media monitoring service every day.