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Diagnostic 2: Confidence and Experience

April 6, 2020

1. I have spoken in an official capacity with a reporter within…

2. I have been “prepped” by a Media Relations specialist in my organization prior to handling a media call  within…

3. The prospect of a media call makes me nervous.

4. In my heart I believe that reporters are out to trap me.

5. I have given a speech or made a public presentation within…

6. I feel self-conscious when trying to deliver my organization’s messages.

7. I hope that I am never asked to participate in a live radio or television program.

8. I have made a list of difficult questions and/or questions that I would rather not be asked and have thought about my responses within…

9. I have had a colleague, friend or family member role play an interview with me using those difficult questions within…

10. I feel that it is an uphill struggle to come across effectively when participating in an interview.