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Diagnostic 1: Skills and Knowledge

April 6, 2020

1. I have read and understand my organization’s policies and directives pertaining to media relations and understand the roles, responsibilities and processes contained within it.

2. I have a good understanding of what constitutes the journalist’s working definition of news.

3. I know how to work with my organization’s media relations specialist(s), or can myself work with a reporter, to negotiate the terms of an interview.

4. I can remain calm when dealing with hostile questions or a hostile/persistent reporter.

5. I know my subject matter, issues and organization extremely well and can provide, or quickly obtain, detailed information relating to any of them.

6. I do not use “bureaucratese” or technical jargon when speaking to a reporter or other non-expert.

7. I can summarize my organization’s position on any issue within my area of responsibility within 20 seconds.

8. I will not/have not been drawn into answering questions that I cannot or should not answer (political or speculative, outside my area of responsibility or expertise, privacy considerations).

9. I do not exhibit any “tells” such as breaking eye contact, using filler words/noises (“um”, “ah”), talking too quickly or slowly, stuttering, when nervous.

10. I can list at least three organizational processes/protocols that should be followed before and after a media interview.